Nice to meet you World!

I've never succeed to stay in a single place, even when I feel great somewhere. Maybe I am one of those dreamers... enjoying everywhere, for a while. Little girl me spend his days looking for planes in sky, wishing to be the next one to fly through seas, oceans and desert.
I started studying in Bordeaux, the city I use to live, but then I choose to change my plans and to give myself the opportunity to live a life of travel.

Fascinated by marine life, and feeling better underwater that anywhere I started to become scuba diver professional. It allowed me to live in tropical countries for few months and it is to be continued as I am actually planning to become scuba diver instructor.

For each country I have been I wrote a travel diary to remain differents feeling at any time. Today I really want to share those experiences, and share what will follow ...


Washington DC